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Sometimes life isn't just about the choices WE make, it's about how the choices THEY make, affect us. I didn't sign up for this is an honest and unabashedly bold memoir by a woman thrown into a life of isolation after her husband was convicted of murder.

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It is a pleasure to have a voice and advocate for those who can't speak up on their own behalf. I am excited that you are interested in my literary work. I am a storyteller, you will enjoy this ride!

K. Shabazz is the quintessential Storyteller 
Redemption, Memories, Mayhem & Murder

Khadijah Shabazz

Award Winning Author

Mutah "Napoleon" Beale

Author of "Life is Raw"

Formerly of the Outlawz founded by Tupac


Sharp witted and bracingly candid, Shabazz unpacks the adverse effects of incarceration on loved ones-often hidden and damaging to tell a personal story of recovery from the shame into a spirit-filled life of advocacy and support for the most vulnerable.

" Auntie Khadijah's voice tells the story of women impacted by Mass Incarceration!" 

"Gripping storytelling Haqiqah Abdul-Haqq"

Like Toni Morrison, Khadijah Shabazz (lovingly called Ms. Khadijah by many of us who know her well) also wrote when the babies were sleeping. Ms. Khadijah wrote after calls from loved ones inside prisons and jails, in the midst of fighting for justice upon loosing a son to police violence, or whilst counseling a woman with an incarcerated loved one on how to get the support she deserves. It is these experiences that make this book a useful gift. Ms. Khadijah forged work within the margins. Whether it is in personal losses of loved ones to incarceration, her experience giving birth as a teen and mothering countless others or knowing what it's like to support three men in prison - Ms. Khadijah has for us, as we'd say in church, a word.

Gina Clayton-Johnson, Founder 
Executive Director of Essie Justice Group

Auntie Khadijah is one of the cornerstones of our community. I met Auntie Khadijah through her husband, Brother Saud, over 15 years ago. Immediately, she felt like a long-lost family member. We bonded instantly, and she and her husband would go on to spend several Ramadan's with me and my family before Brother Saud passed away. May Allah be pleased with him. Ameen.

In these times, people like Sister Khadijah are rare, so I am happy that I was able to meet someone like her and we pray that Allah preserves her. Ameen.


Author Khadijah Shabazz is available for bookings, special events and speaking engagements."I will advocate for You while you strengthen your VOICE." Your story is Valuable, in telling our stories it frees us from the Pain, Trauma and Fear that we sometimes impose upon ourselves.

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About Sister Khadijah Shabazz

Khadijah Shabazz; is a public speaker and global advocate for women and children affected by a loved one's incarceration. Originally from Ohio, Khadijah was formally educated in Cleveland, but picked up her most valuable lessons in the University of Life.

For years, Khadijah served as a foster mom and safe haven for infants prenatally exposed to substances, as well as small children with behavioral difficulties. In addition to her work in the foster care system, Khadijah is often called upon to support families affected by police violence. Khadijah has never shied away from serving the most vulnerable in society.

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